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Most Marvel movies open like Robert Downey Jr.’s stand-up routine in “Iron Man” before it goes south. They deliver quips and silky come-hither nonsense, only to end up like a big green monster stuck on rewind: “Hulk smash!” again and again, ad infinitum. In between start and finish, there are moments of levity and discovery in the machined product, but too often you can’t see the movie for Marvel’s action plan. Its latest, the giddily enjoyable “Doctor Strange,” is part of Marvel’s strategy for world domination, yet it’s also so visually transfixing, so beautiful and nimble that you may even briefly forget the brand.

The film is set in modern day New York right after the Civil War saga, yeah real Marvel junkies need this information. A hubris & proud Dr Stephen Strange tackling the world of Neuro-surgery. Before a terrible accident takes away the use of his hands and redefines his life completely.

The cast of this film couldnt have been picked better, every one fit into their roles perfectly. Benedict Wong playing the character of “Wong” in the movie – This must have a been a huge joke on set the entire time they were filming is my favourite. You know him from his role as the great Genghis Khan in the Netflix series Marco Polo.

For the Action lovers, Scott Adkins is also in the film and his prowess in the martial arts and those fantastic kicks from the Undisputed movies do show up on screen too.


There is no question whether you should watch the Doctor Strange Movie, if there were the answer to that question would be an undisputed Yes.

The only valid question you can ask is 3D or Not 3D.

Definitely 3D, the CGI was done beautifully and the cinematography is even better. The 3D experience will allow you to fully experience some of the scenes ans effects in the movie that you would otherwise miss in a 2D setting.

So rush to your nearest theatre, grab your ticket and bucket of popp corn and brace yourself for another epic chapter from the Marvel Universe.

PS: Dont be in such a hurry to leave the theatre when you see the end credits. Just like any Marvel picture, there is a little extra at the end that you dont wanna miss.

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