Jose Mourinho expresses his frustrations after Manchester is denied a penalty against Arsenal on Saturday



I remember when this clash used to be so epic that it was the most talked about game for almost 3 weeks to its build up. But Saturdays game was just a reminder as to how a lot has changed in the Premier League.

The Reds put on a stellar performance throught out the game and after significant push and pressure Juan Matta did find the opener in the 68th minute. The Reds held ontot he lead while still pushing for a second but got the wind knocked out of them after substitute Giroud found the equaliser in the 89th minute.

Int he post game interview manager Mourinho said “We all know inside that in this moment we are the unlucky team in the Premier League.”

United remain sixth in the league table, five points behind fourth-placed Arsenal who are two points behind leaders Liverpool. The draw means Mourinho remains unbeaten against Arsene Wenger in 12 meetings in the Premier League. But he was not happy with this result because he felt his boys deserved the win.

Arsene Wenger looked delighted at the result posing a small grin on his face during the post match interview “I felt overall we had a serious defensive performance, offensively we have played better” Which is true, Arsenal have had unsteady performances they past few games. They either come out and blatantly control the game from start to finish or they look like they are barely holding it together and Saturdays game was one of those days.

Manchester United’s next fixture is on Thursday against Feyenoord at home in the Europa League, then another home game against West Ham United on Sunday. Both games are a must win for The Reds.

Arsenal’s next fixtures are against PSG in the Champions League  at home on Wednesday then another home game against Bournemouth on Sunday.

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