Society is on a downward spiral. With a lot of misconceptions and misunderstandings.  Everybody shares the blame, both male and female.


Men have forgotten how to treat women, we take Gods wonderful creations and expect them to know their place and do our bidding. Forgetting that these are human beings with feelings and more thoughts of their own.

Gone are the days when a woman’s place was in the kitchen, not to be heard but in fact they are to listened to and more so taken seriously.  Men have become so complaisant, and stuck in their ways that they fail to see a good thing, even when it’s dancing on their genitals.  Men are becoming difficult and adamant, so stuck in their ways forgetting how to woo a woman, simply thinking that they can win her over using their money. (Yeah applies to women too, we will get to them soon). No wonder the divorce rate in Kenya is rising exponentially. Attention purchased by money will sure deminish at some point more so even faster should that money run out. We all know money has a way of doing that.

We can do better we can be better. Don’t text her, call. Don’t ask her to come and chill, make plans and invite her, open a door, say please, say thank you, and last but not least and most importantly listen. Don’t just hear her, listen to her.



One may say that it is a mans responsibility to be a gentleman, where as the greater part of it is his, but you must also be worth the effort. Women have taken on the need to be independent, that they have also lost their way. I am not saying that you should be house wives, and stay at home. Go out there do your thing, make that paper boo boo. But know how to be a lady, a lady with dignity a lady with poise and a lady who knows her worth. Not going head over heels and doing dumb shit because he bought you that bottle of blue label that you and your friends fantasize about or he picked you up in the new Range Rover. (Yep I told you we would get to them, and here we are). Women out here loosing their moral compass completely just because a man has shown her a taste of how the other half lives. A few trips outta town, that new phone in the market, and being chauffeured from place to place.

You should be able to give yourself those finer things, so that a man has to prove himself beyond his bank account, beyond what he has but actually who he is, and what he brings to the table beyond all the things he can buy. Same applies to you, you should be able to bring more than just sex to the table. Unless you want to be an exclusive baby maker, then again I say, go for it. But don’t concede that, then expect to have an opinion on the management of the home or him in any way. You sit there and keep that thing clean for when he wants what is his. Your chances of finding this guy who does all this and is also a gentleman, your chances are like 1 in a 10,000. But in this day and age of gambling, if you feel those odds and think you can make it, (I think I sound like a broken record) but I say again go for it.

More and more women are growing suseptible to this displays and gestures, and just like with evolution guys notice the desirable traits and begin to work at being what is deemed attractive in this day and age.

Its going to keep getting worse but the day, less and less gentlemen who know how to appreciate a woman and less and less women worth being appreciated.

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