5 Reasons why he will Cheat – 4 is an eye opener.



5 Reasons why he will Cheat – 4 is an eye opener.

  1. He is Bored

One of the main reasons anyone, not just men stray is boredom. Most will automatically jump to sex, whereas it is part of the argument but not primary. excitement is not only sexual, there are a multitude of ways you can have fun with your partner and keep things exciting in your relationship. Find those things ASAP, otherwise you are bound to be another statistic.

2. You are Nagging

You told him once, give him time to actualize your request. You do not need to remind him every hour that he could set a schedule to it. An incessant  nagging woman will drain the life out of a man so fast and he will need to find a place to replenish his stores so you can have something to drain when he gets home to your nagging self.

3. The Thrill

This sounds shallow but its the truth. Some mean cheat for the rush. Not because they are not getting any from home but because it gets him hyped to do something forbidden, Stray from the path, be a rebel.

4. Your Friends

Your friends can be your own worst enemy, by show of hands how many of you have had your friends sleep with your man? Am sure the number is astonishing! You confide in your friends and they end up knowing to much, and turn around and use that info to get with your man. A problem shared is a problem solved, but you dont have to share everything. Food for thought.

5. Sex

Yep, we touched on this on number 1 so we definitely had to give it the attention it deserves. “Is Sex the only thing you think about?” Guys how many times have you been asked this question? I know this number is even larger than the first group. Let me take this opportunity to answer this question once and for all. Yes, a hard resounding yes. Its not a priority but its pretty high up on the list. Treat sex like a reward or something he has to earn and trust me he will get tired of that shit real quick and there will be another female out there quite ready to fill that void.

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